In a society that demands expertise in everything, it’s only fair to let our children try their hand at a variety of extra-curricular activities. Be it an educational or recreational activity, we think this is a great way to engage children and to let them explore their creative pursuits! 

Research suggests that participation in structured after-school programs and activities can benefit kids for developing their social skills. Another huge advantage is that this helps in widening their area of interest. They get to meet and interact with others who share similar interests as them, thus strengthening their ‘Social Skills’.

An after-school program can turn boring aimless hours after school into something fun and productive. Such activities not only keep the children busy and active but also are a great way to open the gates to learning something new and interesting- something beyond a school ‘Syllabus’.

As it is rightly said, ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’, here are a few activities we suggest, that can aid in the overall holistic development of your child. 

  1. Drama and Theatre:

Putting on a completely new character’s identity and presenting oneself in front of an audience- teaches children to be confident. Drama and Theatre activity involves learning the dialogues, interacting with other participants in the play, verbal/non-verbal cues of expression. All this enables children to learn to memorise and articulate effectively the desired piece of communication.



  1. Art and Craft:

Art and Craft is a great way to boost imagination and creativity. Children learn to observe, take instructions and channel their own creativity, their way. With each child interpreting and creating artistic things, his way, he learns to respect the art of others as well. When exposed to art and craft, children learn to think out of the box and find creative ways of approaching a task at hand.



  1.  Sports and Exercise:

Sports and Exercise is a great way to keep your child active and healthy. Any kind of sport or exercise undertaken for 60 minutes each day reduces the risk of obesity and other serious health issues. It isn’t just physically beneficial but encourages teamwork and fair play. It teaches valuable lessons in cooperation, discipline, respect for others & time-management.  



  1. Music and Dance:

Music and Dance is a great source of pleasure, but through its knowledge, one can also understand emotions better. They help children learn, how language has no barriers and music and dance is also a way of expressing oneself. Children learn about rhythm, pulse, and movements. With an introduction to different forms of music and dance, they learn to empathize and accept different cultures and traditions as well.

Thus, a great way to engage your children in school, such activities also ensure you as a working parent that, your child is in a safe, structured and supervised environment. Great for developing and building holistic skills, it is also important that the choices and interests of the children are considered as well before enrolling in such programs.