Our endeavour is to create abundant learning opportunities for every child  enabling them to use the knowledge amassed to create more opportunities for him/herself. We envision them to be secure,balanced and adaptable young leaders who have the confidence of defining themselves in a manner that  makes a mark for them, the country and the world at large. We will nurture citizens with skills, values and dreams, and nurture a passion that will help them grow and prosper. Believe and Become is our motto and giving them the freedom to pursue their passions is our ultimate desire. We envision creators and innovators who will inspire more leaders!


At D Y Patil, our mission is to empower – be it a parent, a child, our teachers or society at large. Our approach to learning focuses on the all-rounder in every child, honing in skills and attitudes that make him a decision maker, problem solver and allow him to match pace with the best in the world. Our belief in our curriculum that caters to every child’s learning needs, allows us to provide ample experiences in their formative years for a child to gain expertise and knowledge and also be “future-ready”. Our innovation with the teaching-learning process and constant aspiration of making it child-centric, allows us to nurture happy, secure, curious, enthusiastic and aware students who take their place in society and the world armed with knowledge and humility.