Agarkar Centre of Excellence

Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE)

The Management at SVM is delighted to have onboard the Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE), a Mumbai-based sports education management services company. ACE is a unique blend of sports curriculum in schools and education and this blend roots from two significant personalities being the institute’s founders, Ajit Agarkar – a celebrated sportsman who has represented India in 4 world cups including the inaugural T20 and played all formats of the game for the country, and his wife Fatema Agarkar – an award-winning educationalist, who has set up close to 40 educational institutes including pre-schools, high schools (national and international) and a school for special needs’, pan India.


ACE as the 21st-century educational house focusses on research & development and making content relevant be it through sports integration or education. The team uses 21stcentury teaching-learning effectively combining global approach with core Indian values to ensure children who are nurtured by teachers are ‘future-ready’. Their USP lies in its innovation and research and development for curriculum design and differentiation in a classroom allowing each child to be nurtured as per his or her needs and encouraging them to independently assign goals for themselves.

ACE’s child-centric approach has been appreciated by parents, teachers, and children including management of schools, pan India, and its presence in over 30 cities working across academic boards bring a rich diversity of experience and expertise to DYPHS. As educators, the endeavor is to create foundations for students to forever remain lifelong learners and happy students.

Team ACE has been invited to associate with DYPHS with the intention of bringing the best practices adopted in the field of education, ensuring that the vision of DYPHS is fulfilled.