what had happened to the famous budget beater

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the dumbest watch brand of all?
To cut my stupid tale short, it appeared that Seiko had discontinued arguably their most popular low-cost watch. This SNKL23 had been nearly impossible to find for years, after selling out internationally thanks to the hype built up by a Hodinkee article and a string of subsequent YouTube videos. Seiko never confirmed why or when this exactly happened, so we were left guessing.
I was pretty convinced we’d never be seeing this again and those who had missed the boat would be stuck paying extreme premiums for used models on eBay.
That was until a couple of months ago. Gradually, I started seeing these pop back up across a variety of online vendors, without the price gouging.
While I can’t give you a conclusive answer to the latter, I can certainly help answer the former.
I’ll run you through why this the best replica watches in the world is thought of so highly; it’s pros, cons and whether I think it’s worth your money today. I’ll also showcase a couple of great alternatives, in case it does disappear once more.
I’ll link all of the watches featured throughout this article. Thanks to Amazon for sending this one in for review.

The pros begin with the dimensions. With a 37.8mm diameter, 10.6mm thickness and a 45.3mm lug to lug, it is in the Goldilocks zone of sizing for most wrists. If you have a particularly large wrist, this will look on the small side, but if you don’t, it will look classy without getting in the way.
Structurally, you also get a visually appealing shape. This is one of the very best Seiko 5 cases, with a sleek and versatile design that smoothly encompasses the lugs and a fairly curved side profile that ensures a comfortable fit. Other popular models with flatter cases result in the case rear protruding unnecessarily, which can leave you with large gaps when on-wrist replica watches for sale in usa – a look that isn’t quite so graceful.

Unlike some alternative options, the brushing is also attractive, with brushed flanks, transitioning upwards to a polished bevelled section and finally the glossy bezel atop. It looks fantastic, though it’s clearly not been completed with the same precision of more expensive Seiko offerings such as the SARB lineup; which feature a similar design.
As with all Seiko 5’s, this is made of 316L stainless steel and weighs just enough to feel like a quality product for its size. There is also a very small crown, which is tricky to use but tucks away beautifully to give an incredibly symmetrical overall look, not found in most wristwatches.
To the rear we have a display notched case-back, which provides a low 30m of water resistance. This is one of my few frustrations with the Seiko 5 range, as a slight increase would certainly help with peace of mind.

Once upon a time, in a pre-coronavirus world, there lived a cheap watches replica called the SNKL23. This charming creation was beloved across the land, with people far and wide singing its praises. Never had there been a fairer entry-level watch.
But one day, the clouds gathered and the wind picked up. Something was afoot. The watch community looked on as the little SNKL23 started vanishing from store shelves…until one day it disappeared completely.