Our Classes

Our preschool program has many dedicated classes

Middle & High School – Grades 6-10

The Middle and High School years are important milestones for the students as they mature in their thought process and ability to apply their acquired knowledge . These are years dedicated to mentoring and exposing them to an array of life skills that enable them to build on their foundation in the Primary School by creating more opportunities for them to question, research and present their learning.  The Middle and High School Years require more […]

Primary School Grades 1-5

Our vision for the Primary School is the creation of a solid foundation of learning especially with the development of language capabilities – both written and oral, exposure to social sciences and scientific processes as everyday occurrence to enable them to raise questions about the nature of the world and how things work. Our goal is to create a love for numeracy and creative and performing arts that gets beautifully balanced by a rich sporting […]

Kindergarten School – Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG

The Kindergarten years are foundational years that focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills, social skills and generating curiosity for the child to build on the acquisition of key skills of language, math and science and begin the process of understanding the inter-dependence of each subject. These years are stepping stones to Primary School where their knowledge will be further developed and nurtured. Our goal through the Kindergarten School is to nurture […]