Program of Academic Excellence at DYPHS

At D Y Patil High School (DYPHS), we adopt the country’s richest and longest serving academic board curriculum, the Delhi based, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The curriculum adopted nationally enables students to develop a critical thinking and problem-solving mindset and prepares them for real-life application. Considered one of the most popular curriculums in the country, at DYPHS, we believe our students will benefit with the range of subjects on offer, its academic depth and rigour which builds a solid foundation in their formative years.

Additionally, as a progressive school, we are conscious of the rapidly evolving global educational practices and to ensure that our students are exposed to the best that is available, we at DYPHS introduce these ideas through a strong ‘Program of Collaboration’.

The teaching-learning process at DYPHS

At DYPHS, we completely believe in and strive for child-centric education in a number of ways

A healthy student-teacher ratio that ensures each child’s learning needs are adequately met.

Interactive and experiential mode of delivery to ensure strong learning.